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Map of Hong Kong Transportation ( Click the map to enlarge it!)

Hong Kong Map

Hong Kong is geographically compact and boasts one of the world's most efficient, safe, affordable and frequent public transport systems. Whether by taxi, ferry, rail, bus or tram, you can get around easily and catch wonderful glimpses of the city along the way. For convenience, use the Octopus Card, an electronic stored-value card that is accepted on most public transport.

Hong Kong Transport Map

Make use of the Octopus Card, an electronic fare card that is accepted by almost all forms of public transport, and at many fast food chains and stores. It's easy and convenient to use, save time and eliminates the need for small change. Add money to it whenever you need to, and any unspent value in On-Loan Octopus is refundable along with the HK$50 deposit (minus HK$7 handling fee for cards returned within three months). You can also opt for a non-returnable Sold Octopus. For more details, please call 2266 2222.

Hong Kong Transportation Map