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Dhiddhoo Map

Dhiddhoo is the capital of Haa Alif Atoll administrative division in the Maldives. The island lies on the north western tip of Tiladummati Atoll and separated from the Ihavandhippolhu Atoll by the deep Gallandhoo Kandu channel.

Originally, the island is 52 hector large and after land reclamation island is now around 85 hector large. Land was reclaimed to cater the growing population and industries. There are some estimated 4500 people in Dhidhdhoo and it is the largest population in the Atoll.

Historically, until 18th century, island was an uninhabited and it was under the administration of Utheemu Gadhuvaru. The island was inhabited when the people of present day Dhonakulhi left their island due to the disturbances caused by Pirates of Malabar.The people of Dhonakulhi firstly settled down in Hodhafushi for a while and then later came and settled down in the island of Dhidhdhoo.

Dhidhdhoo is one of the few islands in the Maldives safe from Drug abuse and gang fighting and other social crimes. People of the island are very hospitable and religious unlike other major island of Maldives.

The famous DIK (Dhidhoo Ibrahim Kaleyfaanu) the richest person in the Maldives until 1980s was born in Dhidhdhoo.

It was noted that people of Dhidhdhoo refused to join Uthuru Gadubadu (the famous up rising of people of Northern atolls). It was only people of Dhidhdhoo who refused to join the uprising against the first president Mohamed Ameen. The Uprising was a complete fail and the leaders of the upraising were severely punished.

Dhidhdhoo continued to serve its people and the people around. The people of the islands in North Thialdhunmathi every day come to Dhidhdhoo seeking various services and trade.