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No 7: Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, Canada

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort (known as Tremblant) is a year-round resort in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada, about 130 km northwest of Montreal. It is best known as a ski destination, but also features a lake suitable for swimming and two golf courses in the summer months. The name of the mountain, Mont Tremblant, was derived from the local Algonquin natives, who called it the "trembling mountain". The summit is at an elevation of 875 metres (2,871 ft), which makes it one of the tallest peaks in the Laurentians.

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, Canada

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, Canada

The mountain and resort are part of the Mont-Tremblant National Park and are located near the village of Mont-Tremblant

In 1938 an explorer from Philadelphia named Joe Ryan came to the region prospecting gold. Accompanied by Harry Wheeler and by Lowell Thomas, an American journalist, they climbed to the summit. It is documented that Joe Ryan had vowed to transform the landscape into a world-class alpine village. It was only one year later than his dream was realized. In February 1939, Joe Ryan opened the Mont Tremblant Lodge, which remains part of the Pedestrian Village today. With architecture reminiscent of traditional Quebec, the mountain hosted visitors from around the world.

In its early years, Lowell Thomas, the American radio broadcaster, was an avid skier who helped popularize the resort by broadcasting shows from the site. The resort named a ski lift and trails after him and after other early devotees.

The resort operated independently until 1991, when it was purchased by Intrawest, which immediately expanded the pedestrian resort village and built new ski lifts, including a gondola. Other changes included building the Grand Manitou summit lodge.

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, Canada

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, Canada

In 2009 a casino located at the base of the soleil trails was opened. The casino is serviced by a new 8 passenger gondola that runs from the main resort to the casino.

Activities: Mont Tremblant has year-round activities which take advantage of the surrounding environment (mountains, forest, lakes and rivers); most are set up on daily schedules and usually take the form of tours in small groups and are accessible to families; most are run by independent operators or specialized guides.

Summer activities include airplane tours, all-terrain vehicle tours, croisieres, boating, caleche rides, canoeing trips, cycling, dune buggy tours, fishing tours, golf, helicopter tours, hiking, horse back riding, lake cruises, mountain biking, paintball games, rafting, rock climbing school, spas, via-ferratta, waterskiing and wakeboarding, white-water rafting, and zip-lines.

Skier with village in background.Winter activities include cross-country skiing, dogsledding, downhill skiing and ski schools, helicopter tours, horseback riding, ice-climbing, paintball, sleigh rides, snomobiling, snowshoeing, and spas.

Lodging: Mont Tremblant has a wide variety of hotel and condo accommodations, many of which are situated in the pedestrian village at the foot of the mountain.

There are additional condo and chalet accommodations located adjacent to the pedestrian village which are managed by the resort's rental agency or other private rental agencies. These accommodations feature shuttle bus service which provides guests some of the same convenience afforded to people staying in the pedestrian village.

Most condo accommodations at the resort area are privately owned. The resort or rental agencies act as a rental broker for these properties by handling maintenance, reservations and other guest-related tasks on behalf of owners. There are also many privately owned chalets of all levels (from budget to luxury) in the immediate area

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